Odd Socks for Anti-Bullying Week!

Monday 13th November was our whole school kick-off for national Anti-Bullying Week. We started the day with a great assembly, hosted by Mrs Wilden and Mrs Toone. We were encouraged to focus on our similarities to one another and then, our differences; this year’s ABW tagline being –

‘All Different, All Equal’

We will continue to focus on the meaning of this year’s Anti-Bullying Week tagline throughout the week within our daily work and have some reflection time at the end of each day to wrap up our thoughts and learning.

BikeIt! Club

Bike club continues to keep rolling! And in the cold too – wrapped up children manage very well. Last week, after checking each other’s and their own helmets (by doing the upside down test!), the children headed out onto their bikes. A quick safety check highlighted a few issues: one bike had a flat tyre, two needed seats raising, one needed brakes adjusting and one needed the chain putting back on!

image2 (1)

So, a busy start for Mrs Bottriell while Mr Watson had the children out and about on their bikes and how to use their brakes correctly. Luckily the chain was a quick easy fix and the pupil was back on their bike in no time. Just as Mrs Bottriell was pumping the tyre up Bikeit! Ray appeared. Thank goodness and he had the tools for the other jobs! Tyre and seats fixed, left one child still unable to ride his bike. Ashton was keen to learn and although he missed out on quite a bit of the cycling today, he has gone away with a new knowledge of stripping and replacing the brakes on his bike.


Thank you Mr Watson and Bikeit! Ray for your continued help with BikeIt! Club. All children have gone home happy, having learnt new skills.

Day 1: Stubbington 2015

Y5 started their Stubbington Study Centre adventure at 10 am this morning. Despite the murky weather we were in good spirits and raring to go. Tissues were seen handled by a few parents/carers…

How much can you pack into one day? During the afternoon we:

  • created shelters to protect us from the Amazon rainforest and preying animals
  • rescued the coneadraphic flower only using planks and rope
  • transported deadly medicine, through team work and vine jumping

Refilling in at the Snuffle Hole ready for the next adventure Y5 were set a  challenge working together describing creative pictures to link together their Zoom storybook. Next, we ventured to the classroom for local animal studies. With our pencils at the ready we produced some amazing still life studies of the local wildlife. The ringing bell signaled us all to line up for the wild animal talk in the Great Chamber. We out about local wildlife and their diets, what type of animals to look out for in the hide and how we can look after our wildlife.

Did you know that one hair of a badger is not only oval but black and white in colour?

Quiet as mice we then ventured into the hide…. Slinking out from his hiding spot the Stubbington fox munched away at the supper leftovers .You couldn’t hear a pin drop, children mesmerized , frozen not wanting to move. No badgers to be seen. Maybe next time…
After the onesee bedroom parade and teeth cleaned, we all settled down thinking about the next few days ahead.

The adventure has just begun and we don’t want it to stop!!

Stub day 1 stub 1b

Y6 – Sea City Visit

Y6 sank into history when they visited the SeaCity Museum, Southampton. The voyage started as cold as an iceberg; we learnt who survived and who died. Extending our learning through role-play, we dressed up as many different passengers and crew members on board the unsinkable not Titanic. After a fascinating workshop, we then went on a guided tour of the exhibition, experiencing what it was like in 1912. At the start of the tour, we had to pick a crew member to find out at the end of the tour if they survived or died. None of us realised how many people on board the Titanic were from Southampton(2/3 crew).

At 1:00 money was burning holes in our pockets as we headed down to the gift shop. Whilst 6KL were in the shop, 6VH were allowed time in the Titanic exhibition playing on all the interactive games. Unfortunately we ran out of time and had to go home. But overall we enjoyed the trip!

Thank you to the staff of Y6 and Joe and Joe for making this happen.

Written by Libby, Katie, Ellie and Trinity (on the coach coming home!) 🙂

Sea City